If anyone has any great weight loss stories, or stories of how ZUMBA has improved your self image,health,confidence, or perhaps helped you get through a rough time please share them with me.... Congratulations to ALL of you on your amazing accomplishments!!


“As a teacher, professor, copy editor, creative writer, and generally all-around overcommitted person, I thought I didn’t have time for

working out. However, that day we all know so well came when my body, because I hadn’t been taking care of it, began to lose speed. I

could no longer keep up with the busy life I had created for myself. Throw having Multiple Sclerosis into the mix, and I can tell you that

I was going downhill pretty quickly. My husband and I decided that we needed to take care of each other and made working out part of our

daily routine.


There are days when time won’t permit me to take a class, but a gal can only run like a gerbil on an elliptical machine for so long before it

becomes drudgery. That’s where Zumba and the ladies who teach it saved the day. Zumba is, in a word, AMAZING! Over this summer, I lost

thirty-five pounds, increased my core strength, and gained a great deal of self-confidence. I can’t explain it, but Zumba is just something

that gets you excited about working out and pushing yourself to take it to the next level. It’s an hour workout that isn’t spent running in a

circle or that leaves  you feeling like you’re getting nowhere. It is fun, rewarding, challenging, social…and so much more. Thanks, Christine!!!”

Jamie H.-Jacksonville, FL

***UPDATE...Jamie has now lost 75 lbs!!!  Congratulations Jamie!!  You Rock!  You’re an inspiration! (1/09)

I want to thank you so very, very much for the encouragement and motivation to stick with Zumba. The first time I took a Zumba class I thought,

"What is Zumba"? After the class I thought,"What is Christine"? Oh my goodness, I had no idea a body could move like that. It still amazes me !!!!!!! 

After having my only child at 42 I treasured every inch of what my baby left behind. I think 3 1/2 years is long enough, don't you? Well, in two months....    going twice a week.... I have lost down 2 1/2 sizes and 18 pounds. I just cannot believe that one type of workout can actually target all areas of your body

and proportionately.

There are few people in your life time who can inspire and motivate with there passion and you happen to be one of those few.

Thank you Christine for the challenge.

Lisa - Jacksonville, FL

Over a year ago I joined the YMCA and decided to venture out and take a class.  I stumbled into Christine’s Zumba PARTY!!! I was in the back of the

class, determined to learn the steps.  I am a wife, full time college student and mother of four.  I needed something to get me out of my rut!  I began slowly taking Monday and Friday Zumba classes.  In time, I hired a personal trainer and never looked back.  Zumba gave me motivation, confidence and drive

to take my fitness to the next level.  I now train with my trainer (MIC) 3x a week and always ends with my favorite instructor Christine in her Zumba

class.  I look forward to Zumba each week.  I never thought I would enjoy fitness so much and develop friendships in the gym.  I am so happy that I

am now 21 pounds lighter and five dress sizes smaller all while I was dancing and having FUN! Take Christine’s Zumba class you will not regret it.  She has a way of making everyone have fun, at their fitness level.  I enjoy being able to come to the front of the class now instead of hiding in the back…

Thanks Mala LOL for dragging me to the front with you!

Angela U.- Jacksonville, FL

I just wanted to thank you- I started taking Zumba last summer and I fell in love with it. I have been doing workout tapes for years, but this was so

much more fun! Zumba class is a wonderful stress relief for me, and a great way to stay in shape with a 2 year old and a 6 month old at home. Now

more than ever it has become a place where I can get away from it all- our two year was recently diagnosed with cancer, and Zumba class allows me a

couple of hours a week to get away from it all and smile.

Thank you!!

Meghan - Mandarin, FL

I finally decided it was time to get back into shape, lose weight, and get healthier.  Coming up on my 40th birthday this year was a big motivator, plus

I figured that I could no longer say I just had a baby when my youngest is almost three!  So, I joined a friend at Christine's ZUMBA class at the gym--and     WOW I was hooked.  I never thought I would use the words 'fun' and 'exercise' in the same sentence or actually smile and laugh when I worked out!  The

music is rockin' and the dance moves are just so energizing and fun.  Christine is a great instructor and her choreography is fantastic.  Five weeks in,

along with strength training and a healthier diet, I am down almost two sizes. Christine's ZUMBA classes are now part of my weekly routine and 

something I actually look forward to.  Thanks Christine and ZUMBA!

Josie B.- Jacksonville,FL

I always smile during Zumba class; partially because it is so much fun and partially because I’m laughing at my less than perfect coordination.

Jessica B.-Jacksonville, FL


As a woman with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, of course, all inherited from family history, I joined the YMCA 4 years ago, just to try to lose weight

and with the hope of getting off the pills. I do spin and cardio classes, which are fantastic but very tiring by the time I am done. I still do them but  my life          changed when Zumba was introduced. I was so excited since I am Colombian and love to dance. I have lost 10 lbs with Christine's class, I am losing inches       around my stomach area which is always been my biggest problem. Once I took Christine's class, I was hooked.  I love Zumba, but I contribute my success to Christine  has has been a constant source of encouragement and support. I will continue to be a devoted follower. Christine makes Zumba so much fun that          you don't even think that you are working out. "Thank you Christine, with all the workouts I am drug free now, my cholesterol is perfect and my blood          pressure is actually low now."

Melissa R.-Jacksonville, FL

Let me just start off saying how much I LOVE Zumba!!!  As a military wife and mother of a 21-month-old beautiful little girl I was desperate to find         something to do to work out and get my body back.  One of my friend’s in Christine’s Zumba class finally talked me into trying out a class (thank you,            Tristan!).  I haven’t been the same since.  I cannot even begin tell you how much this has done for me, both physically and mentally.  In after only a month             or two of beginning Zumba classes, my husband has already commented on the fact that my body is toning and my butt is lifting.  My spirits have lifted as well

I have finally found something that I thoroughly enjoy just for me.  I have always loved group exercise and I’ve always loved to dance, but I've never     experienced anything like this.  I put Christine’s Zumba classes at the top of my priority list every week.  Christine is an awesome instructor and an excellent dancer.  I feel that she really brings the class together and makes everyone feel welcome, even from their first day of doing Zumba.  Her music choices and choreography are amazing.  To a beautiful person with a beautiful talent, I THANK YOU, CHRISTINE!  Thanks to your efforts and the energetic and fun       concept of Zumba, I have found something to help me be a happier and healthier person,      mommy and wife.

If you are curious about Zumba, just come to one of Christine's classes.  Once you’ve tried it out, you will see how much fun exercising can be…but don’t just

take my word for it...

Merredith C.– Jacksonville, FL 

“It brings out the best in all of us.  “It brings out the ‘Tribal’ in us all”.

Audrey-(86 years old) Jacksonville,FL

Zumba with Christine is GREAT FUN.  Christine has inherent talent for exercise and dance, which makes her class quite special.  For me, it is also a            fantastic stress reliever.  I have been caring for my 93 year-old mother, who is in and out of hospitals, nursing and rehabilitation facilities and is presently now back     home with me.  It is, at times, an emotional roller coaster and very draining.  I HAVE to put exercise at the top of my to-do list because "you must take care of yourself first

before you can take care of others."

I make this class time a priority.  Zumba dancing is therapeutic!

Great for the soul!

Ann C. - Jacksonville, FL

“Just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I enjoy your Friday Zumba class...On the way to the class, we experienced a  flat tire ... my husband

walked (ran) the five or six blocks back to our home, hopped into our second car, picked me up and somehow we made it to class on time!  After class, he     returned to finally take care of the flat.  He certainly got his exercise for the day!!! “

Vicki-Jacksonville, FL

“I have known Christine as the best instructor for many other classes I have taken at the YMCA, but her ZUMBA classes are phenomenal. Honestly she is like   having a master teacher at every class. I have become a regular fixture in front of the class and try to take them all. Everything else on my schedule come        s after ZUMBA.  It is a great workout and it lifts your spirit.  You really come out a happy person. I never sweat in other classes as I do in ZUMBA.  It is the          best cardio workout!

Other than weight loss and fitting better into clothes, the greatest benefit I've gotten from ZUMBA is feeling better. I recently lost my mother, who was          also my friend, very suddenly, and Christine's ZUMBA classes lifted my spirits and depression. It is like taking medicine that makes you feel better. ZUMBA   helped me get through my loss and move on with my life and family, as my daughter's engagement ceremony was right after the loss. I went from mourning,   

to the happy moments of my daughter's life in a very short span and ZUMBA helped. 

It has made me a very happy person thanks to both CHRISTINE and ZUMBA. 

Christine you are amazing instructor and one day I know you will be a famous ZUMBA instructor and I will be telling everybody "hey that is the instructor           from  whom I took ZUMBA classes from".

Mala - Jacksonville

“Zumba is incredible fun.  You get a great cardio workout, learn pretty hot dance moves and meet fun people.  Christine shows modifications to accommodate injuries and other limitations and cues extremely well.  She makes everyone feel so welcome and mixes the music well for a great interval workout.  After        class I feel like I’ve meditated, yet worked up a sweat.  I’ve taken classes from several instructors and watched a few others, but Christine has spoiled me.            I would pay to take from her before I’d take free classes from anyone else”.

Rhonda -Jacksonville, FL

Christine's Zumba classes are the best!  After suffering a major fracture in my foot last year, I was unsure of how I was going to exercise and regain my   strength without reinjuring my foot.  I started attending Zumba classes and modifying the moves to my abilities and after a few months I feel so much      stronger and my foot no longer bothers me.  Because  Zumba works out the entire body, I have lost inches (especially around the waist), and my core is      stronger.  I plan to get certified in the future so that I can share Zumba with others.  Thank you Christine for being so motivating!!!

Anne M- Jacksonville

When I started doing Zumba three months ago, I thought I would never get this far. I never had any former dance training, & also being a heart patient, I thought high impact work out was not for me. Thanks to Zumba and my instructor, who has motivated & inspired me so much that I hardly miss her classes. Now I sweat so much in her class but have fun at the same time. Christine, you are awesome!

Jyoti-Jacksonville, FL

“I have been teaching group exercise for 21 years.  I have never seen anything like this!  I have a blast teaching it, look forward to every class, get an           amazing workout, have lost inches and feel empowered.  It is amazing that it brings together men, women and children across cultures and generations.        Mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, friends all like to come together laugh, dance and have fun.  If you’re in a bad mood or something heavy on            your mind, by the time you leave, your spirit has been lifted.  Oh yeah, the exercise you get is an added bonus”.

Christine - Jacksonville, FL

“Since beginning ZUMBA, my resting heart rate dropped from 70 to 54 bpm. My Cholesterol is under 200,  I’ve lost 6lbs and dropped a pant size without    changing anything.  ZUMBA has inspired me to get certified to share the excitement with other women. As women, our self confidence is often lacking to           feel comfortable in our own skin. We feel limited by our body shape or abilities. ZUMBA helps me feel comfortable in my own skin esp. after having kids.

ZUMBA helps me not to think or multi-task for an hour.

Debbie -Jacksonville, FL

“Christine has this amazing level of showmanship and her focus is truly to make sure each person in the class has an amazing time!!  When you take her class,

bring your water, a towel and prepare to have great time and a great workout!”

Cassidy -Orange Park,FL

Zumba has inspired me to stay in group exercise. It has changed my attitude about coming to classes.  I look forward to cardio, getting a great workout and sticking with it .  I have lost 30lbs. and Zumba has definitely contributed to that.  I love seeing what it does for people and seeing their lives changed by it.  ZUMBA inspired me to become an instructor to help others the way it has helped me”.

Kim -Jacksonville, FL

“...After a month’s stay in Europe, coming back to the gym was not as easy as I had expected it to be.  But now after a month and a half of taking Christine’s ZUMBA classes three days a week, I find my clothes fitting even better than before I went to Europe and a much higher energy level.  ZUMBA has truly          been a life changing experience for me.

Katie-Jacksonville, FL

Hi, I'm Leon and I just want to say that Zumba is a fabulous way to get a cardio-workout. It is fun, fast paced and will leave you feeling exhilarated. It is helping to keep me young at heart. I try to do Zumba 3 times a week, Tai Chi twice a week and free weights on the other days as my schedule permits. I      have to say that Zumba gives me the best overall workout.

The instructors are wonderful and allow the students to progress at their own pace. If you haven't tried it, do so, but plan to get "hooked"!!  Have a   wonderful workout.

Leon-Orange Park, FL

“I was able to lose 70lbs. with diet and exercise - the same old boring treadmill, bike and elliptical machine.  THEN CAME ZUMBA!!! ZUMBA was introduced at my YMCA and as a participant, I lost an additional 37 lbs! If you ask to see my before picture, I usually have it in my gym bag. When I met Ali Helms and         attended her classes, it was like no other experience.  A dance class, down into the floor… such an amazing workout! Ali and I spoke about my getting          certified and then I began teaching (an amazing story how I got my big break)!  Classes are packed! Everyone is having a great time! I have had the extreme pleasure of attending classes taught by Christine and she is so wonderful. All of these instructors with years experience are such an inspiration to me.             ZUMBA brings us all together!  Thank you to ZUMBA and the entire ZUMBA family!”

Michelle-Orange Park-FL